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Safe & easy for everyone

Classic headstands are a leading cause for neck injuries in yoga studios. The cervical spine was not designed to support our entire bodyweight! With the FeetUp® Trainer your students can finally invert safely without the risk of injuries.

Success at the first try

Your students will be thrilled to achieve the headstand (the FeetUp® Posture) safely & successfully, at the first attempt. And thrilled students are more likely to book classes with you again. Win!-Win!

Boost your studios attraction

Testimonials prove it, and we've seen it many times: while it brings more safety and engagement to your students, the FeetUp® Trainer is a very helpful, original and creative partner in any studio or gym that wants to increase its attraction.

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That's true and exactly why we've invented the FeetUp® Trainer. In classic headstands we use our arms to lift the entire body weight, which requires a lot strength (that most people don't have). But everyone wants to do headstands! That's why most injuries happen because of too much pressure on the cervical spine, which simply was not "designed" to support that much weight.

The FeetUp® Trainer helps you and your students to achieve inverted postures in a unique and gentle way. Getting your feet up, or putting your heart over your head - has never been safer and more accessible. The weight of your body does not rest on your head, but is evenly spread on your shoulders. Thus your head hangs without strain and your cervical spine is gently stretched in a healthy way.

That's why we call it FeetUp® posture and not sirasana or headstand.

You can keep your balance easily by holding onto the FeetUp® Trainer's frame. Thanks to the comfortable bolstering, resting in an inverted posture even for minutes at a time is a very pleasant experience.

And... because maintaining balance is much easier than in a classic headstand, you will feel much more freedom when inverted. This allows you to be playful and build strength & flexibility.

We don't want to replace the headstand. We want to give people a safe and fun approach to feel comfortable in any inversion.

And from there, millions of things are possible!

Well, much more! Yes, the FeetUp® Trainer™ started off as an inversion tool, but then we saw how creative our worldwide community got with it. That testifies continuously how much this truly versatile prop can expand everybody's practice!

A great help in yoga studios and gyms, the FeetUp® Trainer™ will also enable you to:

  • add many new creative asanas to your yoga classes
  • practice countless bodyweight exercises
  • a wide variation of relaxing exercises

Do you want to know everything about the FeetUp® Trainer™ and even get certified as an official FeetUp® teacher? Then join our next FeetUp® Teacher Training

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